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Spinning Up


Checklist for Running a Router

  • Spin up the router and configure for testnets.
  • Provide liquidity and gas fees on testnets.
  • Test the router on testnets.
  • Change configuration to mainnets (use a different private key!), or spin up a new mainnet router.
  • Provide liquidity on mainnets.
  • Monitor router logs.

⚠️ Requirements

Minimum Hardware Requirements
🔲 30GB Storage


  1. Private key of your wallet from Metamask.
    For safety reason create a new wallet address for router. You can create it in Metamask extention or get it automatically during installation.
  1. Setup provider endpoints. You have to add it to config.json file to use your own endpoints. For that we will use the nodes provided by the service Infura.

    You can use also as RPC privider to get endpoints for almost any network (the guide how to get it). Many other RPC provider services exist as well.

    2.1 Register at and create new project:


2.2 Open settings:


2.3 And copy your project ID. It will be the same on any network


Keep this data handy, you will need it for further installation

Manual Setup With Docker Compose

Refer to for instructions on spinning up using Docker Compose!

#Next Steps

  • How to deploy your router using helm — Guide