Connext provides the simplest possible experience for building xchain applications (xApps).

Building a xApp requires only two straightforward steps:

  1. Implement xReceive in the destination chain contract. This is the function that receives the payload you pass across chains.

  2. Call xcall on the origin chain, passing in your payload and relayer fees.

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Important Concepts

Fast Path vs. Slow Path

Take a moment to review the Transaction Lifecycle. Here we introduce the concept of "fast path" and "slow path" (authenticated) transfers. The differentiation is crucial to understand for any cross-chain project. Then, try it out with our Authentication guide.

Relayer Fees

Check out our guide on relayer fees and how to estimate them.

Handling Failures

You should always build in contingency for failed calls.

Tracking xCalls

Dive into the current status of an xcall.

Nested xCalls

You can even chain xcalls across domains! 😮

Chain Abstraction

Create seamless cross-chain interactions without having to switch chains! 🤯


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