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Version: 0.2.x-amarok

Developer Intro


If you're looking to build a UI or some kind of backend service that hooks into the Connext network, we recommend starting with the SDK Quickstart.

»SDK Quickstart

If you're interested in writing smart contracts that integrate with Connext's deployed contracts, then see the Contracts Quickstart.

»Contracts Quickstart


See below for a rundown of the detailed transaction flow based on the Amarok upgrade.

»Transaction Flow

Deployed contract addresses, domain IDs, and other useful information can be found in the Testnet Reference.

»Testnet Reference



See below for a description of the GraphQL Endpoint for querying Connext contract Data



Specific questions might be answered in the FAQ.


Have other questions or need support? Our core team and vibrant community members are highly active in our Discord server!

»Chat with us!