Providing Liquidity

How it works

At a high level, routers provide active liquidity with local NextAssets on each destination chain and receive 5bps/transfer as a fee.

From a router perspective, you can just just monitor your funds and APY.

Where necessary, for end users Connext will swap into and out of local and adopted assets through our AMMs. Below is the most complex version of this, where both chains have local≠adopted.

How can I add active liquidity to Amarok-v2?

💡 Note: At launch routers will be allowlisted, please reach out if you are interested or have questions! The allowlist is temporary during our initial Beta phase.

Using USDC as an example, to provide active liquidity on Amarok you will need to get local nextUSDC on the desired chain.

Instructions below:

  1. Move USDC to Ethereum mainnet

    1. [If moving funds from nxtp-v1] Remove desired amount of USDC from chain on nxtp-v1 with remove-liquidity endpoint. **

      1. (Note: If removing ALL funds from v1 router, add "cleanupMode":"true" and wait until amount f locked tokens equals 0. We phasing this out and and will closely communicate)

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