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This is a list of Frequently Asked Questions for the Amarok public testnet.

What chains are supported?

An updated list can be found at Supported Chains.

What assets are supported?

See the deployed addresses for assets at Deployed Contract Addresses.

What are token "flavors"?


How do I find the canonical details of a token?

The canonical domainId and tokenId of a token can be found by calling the getTokenId function of TokenRegistry.


  • The token of interest is TestERC20 (0x7ea6eA49B0b0Ae9c5db7907d139D9Cd3439862a1) on Goerli. We want to figure out its canonical domainId and tokenId.

  • Find the Connext contract address on Goerli from here, click its link to open up the Diamond Inspector on Louper.

  • Find the TokenFacet and click the "Read" button.

  • Select the getTokenId method and input the TestERC20 address to obtain its canonical details.

  • Alternatively, you can call getTokenId using a tool like Foundry's cast to read from the contract.

    cast call --chain goerli 0x99A784d082476E551E5fc918ce3d849f2b8e89B6 "getTokenId(address)(uint32,bytes32)" "0x7ea6eA49B0b0Ae9c5db7907d139D9Cd3439862a1" --rpc-url <goerli_rpc_url>


    1735353714 # the canonical domainId is Goerli
    0x0000000000000000000000007ea6ea49b0b0ae9c5db7907d139d9cd3439862a1 # the canonical bytes32 tokenId

What if I just want to test the destination-side target function?

If there’s no token transfer involved then just set transactingAssetId: address(0) and amount: 0.

Do I need to do anything with the AMB contracts?

No, you do not need to deploy or even interact with AMB contracts directly.

How do I find the different domainIds?

See Domain IDs.

Where are the Connext contracts?

See Deployed Contract Addresses.

How do I take my token crosschain?

There are a few steps to take, so please reach out to us for assistance:

  • The Connext team whitelists your asset (for now, this is required).
  • You transfer some of the assets across the bridge.
  • If the destination asset has the amb flavored asset as the adopted asset (there's no existing pool, no representative asset exists yet), then the Token Registry will deploy a new token and set it as canonical.

Are there size limits to calldata?

Yes and the details will be posted soon.