Where can I find the the supported chains, assets, domainIDs, and Connext contracts?

An updated list can be found in Deployments.

What are token "flavors"?

How do I find the canonical details of a token?

The canonical domainId and tokenId of a token can be found by calling the getTokenId function of TokenRegistry.


  • The token of interest is TestERC20 (0x7ea6eA49B0b0Ae9c5db7907d139D9Cd3439862a1) on Goerli. We want to figure out its canonical domainId and tokenId.

  • Find the Connext contract address on Goerli from here, click its link to open up the Diamond Inspector on Louper.

  • Find the TokenFacet and click the "Read" button.

  • Select the getTokenId method and input the TestERC20 address to obtain its canonical details.

  • Alternatively, you can call getTokenId using a tool like Foundry's cast to read from the contract.

    cast call --chain goerli 0x99A784d082476E551E5fc918ce3d849f2b8e89B6 "getTokenId(address)(uint32,bytes32)" "0x7ea6eA49B0b0Ae9c5db7907d139D9Cd3439862a1" --rpc-url <goerli_rpc_url>


    1735353714 # the canonical domainId is Goerli
    0x0000000000000000000000007ea6ea49b0b0ae9c5db7907d139d9cd3439862a1 # the canonical bytes32 tokenId

What if I just want to test the destination-side target function?

If there’s no token transfer involved then just set transactingAssetId: address(0) and amount: 0.

Do I need to do anything with the AMB contracts?

No, you do not need to deploy or even interact with AMB contracts directly.

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