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Version: 0.2.x-amarok

Sample Queries

Sample Queries#

Below are some sample queries you can use to gather information from the Connext contracts.

You can build your own queries using a GraphQL Explorer and enter your endpoint to limit the data to exactly what you need.

Get Asset Balances for Router#

QUery Description: Gather the asset balances for a router.

query getAssetBalancesQuery($router: String = "0xa9bfe31527e8e0845cf345549f68828e6775f8c0") {  assetBalances(where: {router: $router}) {    amount    id    assetId  }}

Get Account's Most Recent Prepared Transaction#

Query Description: Gather the most recent prepared transaction for an address

query AccountLatest ($address: String! = "0x000000000008e4db6a6194c6957df47e30970dc2") {  user(id: $address) {    transactions(first: 1, orderBy: preparedTimestamp, orderDirection: desc) {      amount      bidSignature      callData      callDataHash      callTo      cancelCaller      cancelMeta      cancelTimestamp      cancelTransactionHash      chainId      encodedBid      encryptedCallData      expiry      externalCallIsContract      externalCallReturnData      externalCallSuccess      fulfillCaller      fulfillMeta      fulfillTimestamp      fulfillTransactionHash      id      initiator      prepareCaller      prepareMeta      prepareTransactionHash      preparedBlockNumber      preparedTimestamp      receivingAddress      receivingAssetId      receivingChainId      receivingChainTxManagerAddress      relayerFee      sendingAssetId      sendingChainFallback      sendingChainId      signature      status      transactionId    }    id  }}