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Version: 0.2.x-amarok

What is Connext?


The Core Concepts section is still under construction!

Connext is public infrastructure powering fast, trust-minimized communication between blockchains. Built as a modular interoperability stack, Connext solves the interoperability trilemma, introduces the quadrilemma, and sits in the ideal position within the trade-off space for cross-chain bridges.

What can you build with Connext?

Some example use cases:

  • Execute the outcome of DAO votes across chains
  • Lock-and-mint or burn-and-mint token bridging
  • Aggregate DEX liquidity across chains in a single seamless transaction
  • Crosschain vault zaps and vault strategy management
  • Lend funds on one chain and borrow on another
  • Bringing UniV3 TWAPs to every chain without introducing oracles
  • NFT bridging and chain-agnostic NFT marketplaces
  • Store data on Arweave/Filecoin directly from within an Ethereum smart contract

How do I interact with Connext?

Developers can send an xcall and the protocol will then split actions between a Liquidity Layer (Connext) and a Messaging Layer.

You can see this in action in the Developer Quickstart.

How do I interact with the Connext community?

Join our Discord server and chat with us the #dev-hub channel.