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Version: 0.2.x-amarok

Connext Architecture

The Connext protocol is composed of a set of smart contracts and offchain agents.

Smart Contracts

Connext's smart contracts are the interfaces between the protocol and the wide gamut of different users in the ecosystem. There are contracts for handling xcall, managing asset registration, and provisioning liquidity for routers and stableswap LPs.

More details are available in the Smart Contract Overview.

Offchain Agents


Routers are liquidity providers that enable instant liquidity for the user on the destination chain in return for a fee. Anybody can participate in the protocol as a router and there is no minimum liquidity required!

More details are available in the Routers Section.


The sequencer collects bids from all chains and randomly selects router(s) to fulfill them. Any number of routers can fulfill a single transaction, which is especially useful for large transfers. The sequencer will post batches of these bids to a relayer network to submit them to chain.


Relayers are a decentralized network of infrastructure operators that can execute smart contract transactions on behalf of a user in exchange for a small fee. Because the last leg of a cross-chain transaction requires execution on the destination domain, relayers play an important role in completing the full flow.

We are currently using Gelato as our relayer service.