Content Payments and Transactions

  • Video streaming platforms such as Twitch or Youtube

  • In-game microtransactions for videogames

  • Transfers of tokenized advertising impressions

  • Micropayments and tokenized ratings for posted content on sites such as Reddit

Peer-to-peer and Machine-to-machine Payments

  • Blockchain versions of P2P payment apps like Venmo or Square

  • Online retailers such as Amazon

  • Tokenized versions of sharing economy marketplaces such as Uber or Airbnb

  • Incentivized mesh networks

Recurring Payments

  • Billing platforms

  • Payroll processors

  • Subscription model companies

Decentralized Exchange

  • High frequency trading

  • Mid-payment asset swaps

  • Cross-chain streaming swaps

There are undoubtedly use cases for Connext that we haven't thought of or encountered yet, so if you think this could be valuable for your project, please reach out to and let us know!

Future versions of Connext will move towards a generalized state channel framework. This will unlock a number of new use cases for channels including games, higher-order computation and more complex conditional payments.