Setting up a Hub

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First, make sure you have the following installed:

Everything that you need to set up a Hub is available from our Indra repository.

Clone Indra and npm install.

Local Deployment

Initialize Ganache CLI or Ganache Desktop with the following mnemonic and settings:

$ ganache-cli -m "candy maple cake sugar pudding cream honey rich smooth crumble sweet treat" -i 4447 -b 3

If you want to make things difficult for yourself, you can use a random seed. In that case, follow the instructions under Testnet Deployment for how to update your deployment scripts.

Then, compile and deploy contracts:

$ truffle compile
$ truffle migrate --reset --network=development

Clean up any old docker containers.

$ docker system prune -af

Then run the deployment script. This may take some time.

$ npm run start-hub

Congratulations! You just set up a Connext Hub. Check localhost:3000 to test if it spun up correctly.

Testnet Deployment

Start your Geth node and then compile/migrate the contracts.

Open up kernel/ and replace the default values for CONTRACT_ADDRESS, ETH_NETWORK_ID, and HUB_ACCOUNT with the corresponding values for your specific deployment. Use accounts[0] for Hub's address.

After editing the deploy script, spinning up the Hub is the same process as for a local deployment:

$ docker system prune -af
$ npm run start-hub

Mainnet Deployment

[Coming soon]


You can view the logs for the Hub's docker containers with:

npm run logs-hub
$ npm run logs-chainsaw

npm run db will let you access the postgres instance.

If you can't see the logs, try running the following:

$ docker service ps --no-trunc connext_hub
$ docker service ps --no-trunc connext_chainsaw

Linux users: Docker does not enable host.docker.internal unlike for Mac/PC. This means that chainsaw and your Hub are not able to connect to your blockchain. We're aware of the problem and trying to come up with a workaround. If you have any ideas, open an issue in the repository.