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Version: 0.1.x-legacy

Testing NXTP Against Testnets

We have deployed our contracts against various testnets to allow for easier testing of SDK integrations.

The supported testnets can be found in the deployments.json.

Connecting a Dapp to Testnets

Initialize the NXTP SDK with parameters for the desired testnets.


const chainConfig = {
4: {
providers: [""]),
5: {
provider: new providers.FallbackProvider([""]),

// Get signer from metamask
await ethereum.request({ method: "eth_requestAccounts" });
const provider = new providers.Web3Provider(ethereum);
const _signer = provider.getSigner();

// Instantiate SDK
const sdk = await NxtpSdk.create(chainProviders, _signer);

Testing Transfers Using Test ERC20s

For easy testing, we have also deployed a test ERC20 contract on each testnet. Within the deployments.json file, you can find the address of the test ERC20 contract under the key TestERC20 for each chain.

The test ERC20 tokens can be freely minted by anyone. The signature of the mint function is:

function mint(address account, uint256 amount)

The test tokens are collateralized by routers on the test network, so swap requests should always be successful when using these assets.